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White people vote like this, but black people vote like this.

I'm floored that the one candidate who shows up is the guy trying to get everyone to be afraid of Mexicans instead.

Posted by: apostropher | Link to this comment | 07-14-07 9:07 AM
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To continue being a cube, there's a long tradition of black anxiety over the association between immigration and prosperity:

To those of the white race who look to the incoming of those of foreign birth and strange tongue and habits for the prosperity of the South, were I permitted I would repeat what I say to my own race, "Cast down your bucket where you are."

Posted by: slolernr | Link to this comment | 07-14-07 9:11 AM
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Tancredo's message really did seem to be "white and black people can come together by hating Latinos."

Posted by: FL | Link to this comment | 07-14-07 9:33 AM
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My recollection is that back in the nineties there was some discussion about rising tensions between Hispanics and African-Americans that centered on the growing clout of Hispanics in politics and its possible effects on African-American political clout. That saiid, this is a joke: African-Americans and Hispanics are in a hang together or hang separately situation, and both, I suspect, are going to be pretty faithful Democrats for the foreseeable future.

Posted by: SomeCallMeTim | Link to this comment | 07-14-07 9:36 AM
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FL's writeup undersells how awesome this story is. I completely missed the import for this the first time around.

Posted by: Walt Someguy | Link to this comment | 07-14-07 5:21 PM
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Yeah -- this is going to play out more at the local level in fights over municipal jobs, representation, redistricting, etc. It's not going to make much national partisan difference for the nonce; Republicans have kinda shot their feet/played their racism with Latino voters.

Posted by: Wrongshore | Link to this comment | 07-14-07 5:50 PM
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