Re: Cups Runneth Over


No no no. To quote George W. Bush, "I have faith in the electrical college."

Posted by: bill | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 7:50 AM
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Hey, you want great video? Check this out.

What a joke.

Posted by: NCProsecutor | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 8:08 AM
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Anytime, babe. That's what we're here for.

Posted by: Optimus Prime | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 8:15 AM
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More OT stuff:

Lord Voldemort sees his opening. Will he take it?

Posted by: NCProsecutor | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 8:19 AM
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4: Oh, that brings a tear to my eye. I had no idea that poor man suffered so in public service. "Cheney is not a hugger. But he loves deeply,"

sniff, sniff

Posted by: Roamsedge | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 8:25 AM
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Cheney is not a hugger.

More of a shoot-in-the-facer, really.

Posted by: apostropher | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 8:29 AM
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Cheney is not a hugger.

More of a shoot-in-the-facer, really.

We all show how much we care in different ways.

Posted by: Di Kotimy | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 8:38 AM
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Cheney is not a hugger. But he loves deeply.

Reminds me of the old joke: Did you hear the one about the Norwegian who loved his wife so much that he almost told her?

Shallow people express their love in some way. Deep people who really know how to love never express it at all. See?

Posted by: John Emerson | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 9:40 AM
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Cheney is not a hugger. But he loves deeply.

Just not too deeply.

Posted by: NCProsecutor | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 9:49 AM
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There were several witnesses from both parties. Leahy walked over in a friendly way and said the Vice President should feel free to come over on the other side of the aisle too, that Democrats won't bite, and he held out his hand. The Vice President started to stick out his hand in response and then drew it back, and that's when he unloaded his expletive.

I hope Cheney then said, "Psych!" and Leahy tried to play it off like he was running his hand through his hair. Christ. If the Bush Administration weren't evil people bent on bankrupting the nation and killing thousands of people, they'd just be funny.

Posted by: snarkout | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 11:25 AM
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Behold, the most beautiful journalists in DC:

Be careful, concentrated hotness!

Posted by: marcus | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 11:27 AM
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Cheney's approval rating is down to 13%, making him the least loved vice president ever.

Posted by: Magpie | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 12:27 PM
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Speaking of cups running over, this (nsfw) did not make me throw my hands in the air.

Posted by: apostropher | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 12:37 PM
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11: I have to say that even Smasher's hotness does not overcome the bandanna-on-head look in the "advice on how to pick up chicks" vlog. Smasher, don't do that again, kay?

Posted by: bitchphd | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 12:53 PM
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According to Hayes, Cheney "won't meet with Democrats."

It has often been said that Bush/Cheney is focused solely on politics, and that's why they are such a disaster on policy matters. It recently dawned on me that it might be more accurate to say that they apply the same methods to policy as to politics, but these methods don't work when setting policy.

This business of not talking to people, for instance, was very successful politically, but in the Middle East and elsewhere it's a disaster. Trying to bully, bluff and con people has been much more successful at home than abroad, but it's the same strategy in both places.

Posted by: politicalfootball | Link to this comment | 07-25-07 1:26 PM
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From the link in 4:

Mr. Hayes's account describes a vice president who has lived the American dream. The son of a man who worked for the federal Soil Conservation Service, Mr. Cheney lived for several months as a child with his family in a friend's unfinished basement. In exchange for a scholarship to Yale, he had to work as a busboy in the freshman cafeteria. Eventually, he flunked out, earned a living stringing electricity lines across Wyoming and Utah, developed a three-pack-a-day cigarette habit, and amassed two arrests in less than a year for driving under the influence of alcohol... Yet when America figured him out, it handed him up high. By age 34, he was White House chief of staff in the administration of President Ford. In that capacity, he devoted a considerable amount of time to stemming the influence of Vice President Rockefeller... Elected to Congress from Wyoming, Mr. Cheney and his wife, Lynne, won praise from the Washington press corps that would later scorn him.

Or, to put it another way, Cheney betrayed his family's environmental tradition, made a career out of lambasting the public service to which his father had been devoted, got arrested repeatedly for endangering himself and others by driving drunk, didn't get along well with the liberal wing of his party, first sought political office in an unelected position serving Nixon's vice-president, and managed to get elected in a rural, right-wing state with a tiny population.

This interpretation is not necessarily entirely valid, nor is Hayes necessarily totally mistaken, but it's interesting how they're so different and yet based on the same facts.

Posted by: Cyrus | Link to this comment | 07-26-07 3:02 PM
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