Re: The Waves Did It


Finally, we have a justification for our support for the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia.

Posted by: teofilo | Link to this comment | 08- 9-07 11:36 PM
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mcghalghlin is such an oddity

Posted by: yoyo | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 12:26 AM
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and blankley is such a fucking pompus windbag.

Posted by: yoyo | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 12:29 AM
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But the average Somali only weighs about 80 lbs [at least on entering the US] so how can that extra weight cause bridges to collapse?

It might be a smarter idea to swap Somalis in Somalia for US residents in the US - that would reduce the weight on the US infrastructure and lead to rapid weight loss amongst the US residents once they have moved to Moggadishu.

Posted by: Herr Torquewrench | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 12:33 AM
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Not the guitarist?

Posted by: OneFatEnglishman | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 1:06 AM
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re: 5

I think we can be fairly sure 'No'.

[Unless he continued with 'I've written a short improvisation on this theme, using 32nd note septuplets in 5/4 time, based in part on the 4th mode of the melodic minor but also upon the carnatic rag "kokilapriya"'.]

Posted by: nattarGcM ttaM | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 1:18 AM
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4: Ought to be able to take out a dozen or so of their bridges that way. Damn Somalis. That'll teach 'm.

Posted by: froz gobo | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 4:37 AM
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Wow. Just wow. In a time where stupid abounds, that might be the single stupidest thing said in print by a human being.

Posted by: Timothy Burke | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 5:55 AM
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Wait! Said and THEN put into print. It's a double-stupid, covering all means of communication.

Posted by: Timothy Burke | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 5:56 AM
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5: Damn, I wanted to say that.

Posted by: John Emerson | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 7:41 AM
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Moggadishu s/b "mOggedishu"

This whole website is just a cunning plan to get us to join the Islamic Courts Union, I see it now.

Posted by: Cryptic Ned | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 7:56 AM
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A word to the wise: airport security in Minneapolis seems to be handled mostly by Somalis. (Or maybe Ethiopians. But Somalis are statistically more likely.)

Rest easy, however. Whoever they are, they're nonunion and low-paid. Look how unionized, well-paid teachers ruined the schools. If airport security had been unionized, we'd see a 9/11 every month or two, and people would brazenly be taking nailclippers onto the planes.

Posted by: John Emerson | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 8:06 AM
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Yeah, it makes sense to pay those airport security people as little as possible so they will be docile and desperate to avoid punishment. When will we realize the same about our public schools?

Posted by: Not JBS | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 8:12 AM
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Guys, the only Somalis to die on the bridge were a mother and her baby. Not to be a downer, but you guys are bumming me out.

Posted by: Chopper | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 8:17 AM
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These guys are the ones bumming you out, not John McLaughlin?

Posted by: redfoxtailshrub | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 8:21 AM
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Unfortunately, I can understand how a bad experience with a person from a certain an ethnic group can make you have a negative reaction to the entire group.

No, I am not speaking about Persians.

Some years ago, my dad became financial responsible for a family from Somali who was living in our area. Wow, what a horrible experience. Stealing, lying, greedy, taking advantage, ungrateful, self-righteous. Just horrible.

Even though I intellectually know that this was only one family, my first emotional thought when I see the word Somali is not good.

Of course, this is a good lesson for why Americans have to be careful about what their armed forces do....

Posted by: will | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 8:29 AM
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15: These guys are the ones I read.

Posted by: Chopper | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 8:34 AM
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16: Will, if you feel like sharing: how did your dad become financially responsible for the family? Just curious.

Posted by: Clueless | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 9:36 AM
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A minister asked my dad to support them for six months so that they would have an opportunity to get settled in this country.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Posted by: will | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 10:49 AM
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I've seen a sense of entitlement where a poorer person feels a richer person should just hand over stuff bc they can afford to. It is a bit jarring, although I don't get too upset about it bc I once felt that way. My family was rather poorly off when I was young. I wish I knew why I (or anyone) would feel that way. Perhaps it's simply envy. Maybe anger or bitterness at inequality.

Posted by: clueless | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 11:01 AM
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14 continued--a mother and her baby, whose bodies were just recovered. I've been listening to NPR on and off and all I can think is how fucking awful it would be to be going off a bridge in a car with your child strapped into a car seat behind you. I would much rather die alone.

John McLaughlin is a disgusting human being.

Posted by: bitchphd | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 12:16 PM
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I'm imagining being in McLaughlin's brain, envisioning the magical elfs that calculate precisely how many years a bridge has given the precise amount of American traffic and failing to convert between the qintar and the pound.

Posted by: Cala | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 12:34 PM
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this reminds me of when me and all my crazy liberal friends had a gay gangbang orgy on John McLaughlin and enacted too much wear and tear because he was only expecting small-dicked republicans.

Posted by: bryan | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 1:00 PM
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Given that there are a minimum of about 298 million immigrants in the US, making up 99% of the population, and that most of the remainder are partially of immigrant descent, I think we can say that the amount of wear and tear on the I-35W bridge which was caused by immigrants and other foreigners approaches 100%. Can you imagine how long all of our bridges would last if we could get rid of all these damn immigrants? Why, the income tax rate would go down to practically nothing! Everybody wins!

(I do wonder about "McLaughlin" though -- doesn't sound like any Ojibwe name I ever heard of. Maybe it's Choctaw.)

Posted by: minneapolitan | Link to this comment | 08-10-07 5:14 PM
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