Re: Change we can bereave in


It seems to me that this is a job for Sarah Palin.

['Because, um, yeah.']

Posted by: max | Link to this comment | 01- 3-09 9:30 PM
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"I'm trying to avoid the use of words that start with 're,' words like renewal, rebuild, recharge, re-this and re-that," Steele wrote in a memo to RNC members. "I'm convinced we should not re-anything. Instead, we must stand proudly for the timeless principles our Party has always stood for."

Free soil?

Posted by: Gabriel | Link to this comment | 01- 3-09 10:21 PM
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Against those twin barbarisms, slavery and polygamy.

Posted by: Bave Dee | Link to this comment | 01- 3-09 10:47 PM
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Is "dud" a typo or intentional?

Posted by: SP | Link to this comment | 01- 4-09 6:51 AM
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I think it's going to the the Magic Negro guy. It's racist enough to encourage the Southern Strategy crow but deniable enough not to alienate the non racists within the GOP. For most people the fact that the phrase appeared in a newspaper first is enough. The more detailed explanation in terms of the historical meaning of the trope and its use in the newspaper piece and the song is simply too long for a soundbite, so most people will never get it.

Posted by: Togolosh | Link to this comment | 01- 4-09 8:14 AM
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Non-racists in the GOP? This is news to me.

Posted by: John Emerson | Link to this comment | 01- 4-09 8:41 AM
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I think the post title is funny.

Posted by: heebie-geebie | Link to this comment | 01- 4-09 10:08 AM
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4: Intentional. But I wondered if people would wonder that.

Posted by: Stanley | Link to this comment | 01- 4-09 11:44 AM
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This paragraph contains everything you need to know about the modern national Republican part.

Heavy interest in the race has also caused leading party figures, including former House majority leader Tom DeLay (Tex.) and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, to become involved. Americans for Tax Reform will hold a candidate debate Monday, and RNC members have scheduled two unprecedented private meetings to discuss the challengers next week, including a session with the most conservative members of the RNC, who are looking to make sure the next chairman embraces their ideas.

Posted by: JP Stormcrow | Link to this comment | 01- 4-09 11:49 AM
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Saltsman fits perfectly into the prevalent Republican gripe against Obama, that "now we can't criticize the president for fear of being called racist." I never noticed that Republicans exhibited fear, much less restraint, about being called racist, but it's a popular concern.

And yeah, tone-deafness is a common trait as well that ensures they'll never grasp the difference between how the column used the phrase and how the song does. See also the folks griping about how Biden gets a free pass when he stereotypes Indians as successful small-business owners, but the media gives conservatives such a hard time for depicting Latinos as illegal immigrant criminals.

On the other hand, along the lines of the Republicans grabbing Alan Keyes for the 2004 IL Senate race against Obama, maybe they'll get Ken Blackwell as GOP chair. Black, but happy to tell Republicans that stuff like Saltsman's CD is totally OK.

Posted by: PG | Link to this comment | 01- 4-09 2:46 PM
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Obama planning a 310 Billion Dollar Tax Cut

No further fricking comment

Posted by: bob mcmanus | Link to this comment | 01- 4-09 9:09 PM
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So... any bets on how high the body count in Gaza's going to get?

Posted by: inaccessible island rail | Link to this comment | 01- 5-09 8:15 AM
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"Obama strategists say he wants to get 80 or more votes in the 100-member Senate, and the emphasis on tax cuts is a way to defuse conservative criticism and enlist Republican support. " ...via Firedoglake

Obama wants 50% or more of these Republicans on board. I don't think Bush got that on the War resolution or the tax cuts. This will guarantee a conservative bill with liberal add-ons rather than the opposite.

Impeach this idiot.

Posted by: | Link to this comment | 01- 5-09 10:02 AM
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Surely this was predictable, Bob. In fact, it was predicted. In fact, it was predicted by you.

Posted by: inaccessible island rail | Link to this comment | 01- 5-09 3:37 PM
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I am allways disappointed when my pessimism is confirmed. I lack the courage of my curmudgeon.

Posted by: bob mcmanus | Link to this comment | 01- 5-09 3:50 PM
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We're alike like that, bob.

Posted by: inaccessible island rail | Link to this comment | 01- 5-09 4:47 PM
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