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Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 05.26.16

I would probably tune in for a Bernie-Trump cage match, and I haven't watched a single debate so far.

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Done Right(er)
Posted by Ogged on 05.26.16

I've always been surprised that there's not a better high school ranking site than Great Schools, which is really a piece of poop. Turns out, there is. I just stumbled on niche.com, which ranks not only high schools but districts, places, and colleges as well. The rankings, judging by the things with which I'm familiar or have done lots of research on, seem solid; they even ding for lack of diversity. Take a look.

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Guest Post - 'Me Before You'
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 05.26.16

Witt writes: This is a terrific article. I have nothing to add, except that I was surprised that the book being expertly torn apart in this review was published in 2012 rather than 1962.

Heebie's take: It's a book review of a spectacularly awful book which is poised to be the next spectacularly awful movie. As best I can tell, it's about how disabled people are really pure and virginal and depressed and we can all understand why it's reasonable for them to commit suicide.

A good thing to keep in mind, during the comment thread, is that commenters and lurkers right here might have disabilities!

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Posted by Ogged on 05.26.16

Ok then, what can be done to keep people like Thiel (and whoever it was that tried to sue Mother Jones away) from launching these vanity destructions? Capping damages seems like the obvious answer, but with the likely even worse result that there'd be effectively no accountability for shoddy journalism. As ever, it seems like the answer is to tax income and wealth above a certain level at basically confiscatory rates. Too bad the rich control the government and that won't happen. I guess we're screwed!

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Plan for the weekend
Posted by Ben on 05.25.16

Sit at the hotel bar of an evening, reading, with its title and authorship displayed just prominently enough, a copy of … what? Americanists, I call on you.

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Texas School Board Nominee
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 05.25.16

This silly-pants wackadoodle was the presumed Texas Republican nominee for state school board but was actually defeated yesterday which took people by surprise. Why don't you take a moment to get to know Mary Lou Bruner. She has some unorthodox beliefs.

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Guest Post - Walmart, paragon of efficiency
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 05.25.16

Mossy Character writes: Newspaper story from Florida finds that Walmarts generate disproportionate numbers of police calls:

In most cases, the Walmart stores were larger than the Targets. The Times accounted for the size difference by calculating the number of calls for every 10,000 square feet of store space. Even then, the Walmarts averaged more than three times the calls, producing about 30 per 10,000 square feet compared with only about nine at Target.
And don't make up for it in taxes:
the Walmart...was the eighth biggest taxpayer, just ahead of a nearby shopping plaza...The Walmart...had more police calls than the shopping plaza plus the city's seven other biggest taxpayers combined.
This because insufficient security and staffing, poor management, and profit margins so thin shoplifting is significant. Also, I take it poor people go there, but the story doesn't explore that.

Heebie's take: Interesting article. Cops are called in routinely for things like shoplifting a toothbrush, it sound like. Everything about Walmart is so goddamn depressing.

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Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 05.24.16

I don't really care about bubbly water but I have some regional pride for Topo Chico. I like the bottles and labels.

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Guest Post - Toppest of Guns
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 05.24.16

Nick S. writes: Top Gun turned 30 years old recently, and it's sparked a variety of pieces. I saw the movie once, and don't remember it well, but it still seems like a good subject for reflection because (a) it's recent enough that we can remember it, but old enough that it feels like it comes from a different era and (b) it's interesting to tease out the campy elements and to try to figure out what to make of them.

Honest Trailers Top Gun (youtube)

A long, messy essay about both the gender politics of Top Gun and how the author used it as a template for her adolescence.

I already had Disney princesses for the things I was supposed to be absorbing as a girl child in the '90s. Top Gun was a new primer: I saw myself in Goose.

Game recognizes game, as they say; a perpetual beta tends to root for an underdog. I connected with Goose because I saw myself in the same league. I was always too tall, always too chubby, gregarious but forgettable, and obsessively worried about the social ladder as soon as I saw it in action.

Grantland offering sincere (I think) praise for Top Gun (also a youtube link-roundup for iconic scenes).

"Top Gun is a perfect movie of its kind" is the premise this argument is built on . . . It's a beach movie masquerading as a military confection, all painstakingly applied tanning oil and haircuts that should appear in the most advanced textbooks of architecture.
Nowhere is this certitude more stable than in the eternal volleyball scene. This sliver of film history has circumnavigated the globe from YEAH BOYS to Y'ALL KISS NOW to UGH CHEESEBALL, crossed some international dateline of appeal, and sneaked back up on us from behind with the sincere realization that within this scene is everything there is to want in life: some sand, some friends, some ball, and jeans that miraculously don't chafe.

Heebie's take: I've never seen it! I know the one guy dies and there's a restaurant scene with "You've Lost That Loving Feeling." Anything else I'm missing?

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