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The Very Best Background Noise
Posted by Ogged on 07.26.17

My mind is going, so I might have just posted about this, but we need a TV show to watch. We only kind of "watch" when we're watching (I'm coding, my wife is charting) so it can't be something that requires sustained concentration, or relies on small details for its effects (nothing novelistic like The Wire or Mad Men). It can also include only a teeny tiny bit of violence, or my wife won't watch it. And it can't be a straight comedy, or I won't watch it. Recent success: Master of None. Recent near misses: Luther (good, but a little overheated for pleasant night-time viewing--I realize we sound 80), Lost (we tried to get into this, gave up halfway through the first season, read the plot summaries, and thought "good call").

It seems like there a million TV shows these days, so surely there are a few that fit the bill.

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Long way to go. Three days to get there.
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 07.25.17

We're starting the drive to Montana tomorrow. I'm looking forward to listening to hours and hours of My Favorite Murder. It's so great. (I've only barely listened to it, but it was easy to fall in love.)

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Your Day In Politics
Posted by Ogged on 07.25.17

--Are we allowed to make fun of Jared Kushner looking and sounding like a slightly dim mid-pubescent?

--I've always disliked John McCain, so this dramatic rising from his deathbed to fuck the poor seems fitting, but he's a complicated guy and I can see why others might feel differently.

--Jeff Sessions, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

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The Big Sick
Posted by Ogged on 07.25.17

Is good. It does a couple of things very well. First, you really get a feel for why Kumail and Emily fall for each other. So many falling in love movie narratives are just I met this person and this person is pretty and look at us being adorkable together. Here, they each have convincingly idiosyncratic ways of interacting with people, and you see it dawn on each of them that the other is an amazing surprise.

Second, the moments where Kumail says or does something unsympathetic don't feel like forced attempts to "complicate" the character, and there's no attempt to elicit sympathy for a faux pas. It just sounds like a believably jerky moment. I wonder if that's a product of Nanjiani and Gordon having co-written it, so that he couldn't even subconsciously spin it to his benefit.

There's also a bunch of good stuff with both sets of parents. Recommended!

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Honest Caretakers
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 07.24.17

Enjoy a good, righteous, and entirely justified angry rant.

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Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 07.24.17

Have a long, tiring story of the Hatfields and McCoys of truck nutz. I keep saying that one day I'll start carrying a pair of scissors and a little white string - then the next time I see a pair in a parking lot, I could liberate them and replace them with a tampon string. But honestly, it's been a while since I've noticed a pair.

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du jour
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 07.23.17

Mango chili lime is having a moment, yes? I like it a lot. For funsie, I put some siracha sauce (a sauce whose moment has passed, I think, and has returned to being regular old siracha sauce) on some slices of mango and thought it was sooooo good. Just the faintest little bit, so as not to overpower the mango.

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