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Guest post idea: Retiring personality
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 11.28.22

Moby writes: In the back of my head, I've always had the idea that I'd keep working into my 70s. But lately I've been sitting at my desk wondering what it would be like to have the middle of my day free while I'm young enough to be more active. As nice as the idea sounds, what if the pressure of earning a living was what kept me on the rails? What if as soon as I'm in charge of myself, I'll latch on some hairbrained idea that seems good at first thought but doesn't really pan out? Probably, someone would tell me it isn't working out, but if that person isn't giving me money, why would I listen?

Heebie's take: I think I'd be great at being retired. The danger for me is that I'd start giving every activity more and more of a buffer until I grind to a halt. "Well let's see. It makes sense to go to the grocery store right after lunch, and so... I guess that fills up the day! And the next one too. I just can't squeeze anything else in." And I'd believe it, too, and I'd enjoy the hell out of it.

Also that article is disturbing.

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