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CV Of Failure
Posted by Ogged on 05.04.16

I don't have time for a proper post, but want to open the discussion. Here's a little background, with a link to the CV everyone is talking about. And here's a CV from an adjunct who says, I'll show you failure.

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Musing on bathrooms
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 05.03.16

I'm trying to figure out whether I feel personally targeted by all these bathroom policing weirdos. It turns out: I don't like going out without my fake boobs on (or a camouflaging shirt). I don't know to what extent this is because I personally like to dress very carefully and am very particular about how I look, and how much that's a product of being extremely averse to confrontation and worrying what people think, ie if I were in Portland would I enjoy flaunting my androgyny? Or would I still prefer to seem feminine?

There is a lot of chatter about these bathroom nazis on my FB group for women who skipped reconstruction. A lot of them have short hair, often from chemo. A lot of them have gotten confronted in bathrooms. (The conversation tends to split along those women who want to assert, "No, this is from cancer! I'm biologically female!" and those women who want to say something that doesn't sell out transgender women, like "Fuck you, you're not the bathroom police." On the whole it's a very lbgt-friendly group, though.)

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Guest Post - Pointy points
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 05.03.16

Lurid Keyaki writes: I snapped this picture on Solano Ave in Berkeley this weekend and thought I would put it to the group:

1) how are these points earned?
2) for what can they be redeemed?

Imagining some kind of caption-contest-style prize, maybe with categories like "best anecdote" and "pithiest answer combining 1) and 2)".

Heebie's take: Life points! It's hard to tell whether these guys are taking themselves seriously or not. Art imitates life.


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Off The Grid. Cleveland, Even
Posted by Ogged on 05.02.16

This is a good, short piece about how much easier life can be if you're willing to settle somewhere other than the coasts, with some self-awareness about the relative privilege that makes even that possible. Many things to say, but two quick thoughts: if you'd asked me to name a place that's cheap but has excellent schools, I could have named Shaker Heights, but it's pretty much the only such place I could have named. But now that I think about it, surely she's right and there are other rust belt cities that have tony suburbs that stayed tony despite the central city all but collapsing. What are those places?

Second, why is it so unthinkable to so many people to move to a place like Cleveland? Maybe it's just as simple as: when you're young you're afraid that no one has fun or sex in Cleveland, and by the time you're not so young, the place you've been living feels like home. Maybe it's just unfamiliarity, or a kind of naivete, that doesn't understand that there are cool people around every mid to major metropolitan area. A more cynical reading would be that people think the place they live rubs off on them, and they're scared that living somewhere uncool makes them uncool, and that's way worse than being in debt.

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I Have A TV
Posted by Ogged on 05.02.16

I'd formed the belief that Game of Thrones is a TV show about Kevin Spacey as president, but I kept seeing screencaps on Twitter that made me think, "that doesn't look like a DC drama." Today I googled. Ah. Good now. Thanks.

But you can still help. I've discovered, about fifteen years after everyone else, that watching something on the iPad makes time go faster on the elliptical. But I have a hard time coming up with things to watch (Netflix or Hulu). Pulp Fiction turned out to be good: engrossing; enough action. Then I tried Jason Statham's The Bank Job and I generally like Statham, but that was just too dumb and actually kinda slow. Serenity was good, and so now I'm watching Firefly which is annoying and clever in the ways Whedon is annoying and clever, but generally ok for elliptical viewing. What else? Movie or TV show, just not hopelessly dumb and with plenty of plot.

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Biggest Metabolic Rate Losers
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 05.02.16

I knew that dieting wrecked havoc on people's base metabolic rate, and of course contestants on The Biggest Loser are basically completely decimating themselves and will have the most extreme consequences, but this is still a shocking effect:

Amanda Arlauskas 26, wellness coach and social media consultant, Raleigh, N.C. Weight: Before show, 250 pounds; at finale, 163 pounds; now, 176 pounds Metabolic Rate: Now burns 591.1 fewer calories per day than would be expected for a woman her size.
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Posted by Ogged on 05.02.16

One silver lining of Prince's death is that people no longer feel constrained to keep his music off YouTube. In just three minutes of looking, I came across this cover of What If God Was One Of Us, and this song, which I'd never heard, but is great, and this roof raising performance on Arsenio. What a loss.

Two more things: here he is being interviewed by the squarest of squares, Larry King, and he's a devout, thoughtful, completely charming guy. Last: my guess: he had cancer or something; not a simple OD.

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Skee's prosaic wishes indicate, on one hand, his regular-guy approachability and, on the other, the sadly limited scale of his imagination
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 05.02.16

What are the best-annotated songs on Genius? Songs that I'd know, preferably. I just read Skee-Lo's I Wish and realized I should be spending a lot more time on this site.

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Throw Your Ekranoplan Into The Dustbin Of History
Posted by Ogged on 05.01.16

This is so awesome it makes me smile. Apparently it produces 1000 horsepower, is powered by jet fuel you carry on your back, and has to be flown by a trained surfer, so perhaps not quite ready for the morning commute, but I'm still smiling.

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