Unfogged Mobile

Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 04.28.17

Ugh, why is this goddamn shithead still our president???

Who has two thumbs and a kindergartner who got written up twice in two days for violently attacking other kids? That's right, your lovable blogger, Heebie.

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Finer With Age
Posted by Ogged on 04.27.17

It's perhaps not often noted that while Se7en was a very good and successfully disturbing movie when it came out, it's an even better movie now that it seems entirely fitting for Gwyneth Paltrow to be beheaded.

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Near the top of the hill.
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 04.27.17

I am now of an age where some of the bullshit I dealt with is beginning to be addressed. Mostly career-related, in my case - people spend a lot more effort thinking about good ways and bad ways to teach math, how to support and foster an interest in math in girls and minority kids, and so on. Recently, Heebie U discussed the need for an official family-medical leave policy for faculty. I have to admit, this one stings a bit. Pregnancy is still a little too recent and was too hard. I'm kind of jealous and mad that I suffered through it the hard way.

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