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At the Races
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 08.26.14

Democrats will retake the senate in 2016! Ie, good god November is going to be depressing.

We've had a nice hiatus from campaign threads and politics, but we really should start despairing if we're going to be braced for this fall.

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Fight! Airplane fight!
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 08.26.14

The knee defender is a gadget that keeps the person in front of you from reclining their seat. If that doesn't load, there's a picture of it in this article.

A United flight was grounded recently over a fight where the guy used one, a flight attendant asked him to stop, he wouldn't, and the woman whose seat was being kept rigid turned around and threw a cup of water in the guy's face. So they landed in Chicago, ejected both passengers, and continued on to Denver.

Both passengers had been sitting in United's "economy plus" section, which advertises four more inches of legroom.

Off-topic: Observe the top photo in this article. See how the tray table is in the upright and locked position, and has a built in cup holder underneath the tray, for use in the upright and locked position? ONE TIME. One time I have flown on a plane with that feature. I do not understand why we can't all have tray-underside-cup-holders.

Via Jammies and E. Messily, each in their own way

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Guest Post - Frivolity
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 08.26.14

Thorn writes: Look, it's Buzzkill Thorn! I read this "Your Gender Expression in Art" thing on The Toast today and thought that unfogged people could have fun with/destroy it.

I'm also interested in what hobbies people have, because I'm kind of getting interested in hobbies in general, but that could be a separate post if I ever figured out what to say about it. (I'm currently sewing a skirt out of this cheap Ikea fabric and it's going to be ridiculous and possibly awesome. I mean, the fish are bigger than my hand! And I learned how to install pockets! etc. This kind of detail is not of general interest, but I love hearing stuff like Flip's freezer o' denim and so on. )

Heebie's take:
1. I put them together as a single post.
2. My gender expression in art: Maybe Miss Hannigan from Annie?
3. Hobbies...there are a bunch that I like the idea of, but none that I seem to be doing. I like the idea of gardening and sewing. I suppose blogging is a hobby, and one that I take fairly seriously at that.

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Back to School
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 08.25.14

Around here, it is the first day of school. (Hawaii looked so gravely serious in her kindergarten class! I don't think she uttered a word the whole time I was in there with her.)

An observation, more about college students in math classes than kindergarteners: The girls approach the class with the attitude, "It is very, very important that you know how hard I tried, regardless of my grade." The boys approach the class with the attitude, "It is very, very important that you know how little I tried, regardless of my grade."

Funny, that. (It's not universal. But it's common. Now, I don't know that the attitude correlates completely with effort, and not just saving face. I'm guessing it varies.)

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Not the same.
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 08.24.14

Last year, this article came out, written by a young woman who dressed up as Laura Croft for Halloween. She was out, running around and having a lot of fun, and someone snapped an unflattering photo of her. The photo was then uploaded to a website that exists to make fun of how people look, and went viral, and she had an enormous number of people treating her very cruelly. It sounds awful.

Recently, this article was written, with a similar bent: the woman made it onto a Ur Doing It Wrong list, and was the butt of the joke. A number of people were specifically cruel about her body, which is entirely rude and unjustifiable. So let's separate insults about her body from people who were laughing at her behavior.

What was she doing? She had finished exercising on the treadmill, changed back into her street clothes, and wanted to watch the rest of House, so she hauled a lawn chair back onto the treadmill and sat there to watch it. Someone snapped a photo.

That's funny! The problem is the scale of the laughter: I don't feel bad for her that people probably chuckled as they walked by the storefront. That's an okay scale for that kind of ridiculousness. I do feel a little bad for her that it went viral - but only sort of.

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Guest Post - Responses to Ferguson
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 08.24.14

Witt writes: Mild-manner St. Louis artist Mary Engelbreit is best known for cute drawings of children. But her compassionate artwork in response to Mike Brown's death triggered a wave of support and then controversy.

Fans who purchased the art helped raise over $25,000 for the Mike Brown Fund, but others labeled Engelbreit's post on the topic offensive, leading it to be deleted by Facebook. (It has since been restored.)

The whole situation reminds me of the tightrope that Norman Rockwell walked in depicting school desegregation and other civil rights topics on popular magazines in the 1950s and '60s. A lengthy and fascinating analysis of Rockwell's stance in the context of magazine covers of the time

Also: This St. Louis Public Radio interview with Engelbreit gets interesting around the 11 minute mark.

Heebie's take: I think I've found white backlash to Ferguson to be the most awful and depressing aspect of the situation. Possibly worse than the actual police violence and corruption is a supportive majority.

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