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Just Following Orders
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 01.20.18

Holy shit, this is the same judge I had when I was on jury duty.

A state district judge in Comal County said God told him to intervene in jury deliberations to sway jurors to return a not guilty verdict in the trial of a Buda woman accused of trafficking a teen girl for sex.
Judge Jack Robison apologized to jurors for the interruption, but defended his actions by telling them "when God tells me I gotta do something, I gotta do it," according to the Herald-Zeitung in New Braunfels.
The jury went against the judge's wishes, finding Gloria Romero-Perez guilty of continuous trafficking of a person and later sentenced her to 25 years in prison. They found her not guilty of a separate charge of sale or purchase of a child.

He might get investigated for this, and he's been reprimanded for stuff before. The details of the case are here, but paywalled. You know, if this kind of thing keeps happening, this place is going to develop a reputation.

Prediction: this thread will mostly be about the name of the New Braunfels newspaper.

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Friday WTFuckery
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 01.19.18

I guess the dumb budget mess possible government shutdown is the thing to talk about?

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Stormy Daniels
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 01.18.18

What is the most miniscule non-scandal that ever wrecked a political career? The guy who had to resign for using the word "niggardly"? (That woman who used a private server for her emails?)

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Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 01.18.18

Not to sound like a pansy, but winter clothes are kind of tiring. All these layers leave me feeling like Ralphie's younger brother. I can't remember having this cold a winter in a long time. (Admittedly it is supposed to be in the 70s this weekend.)

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