Re: What is a rotorvator, anyway


Is it the thing Amazon just announced they're going to use for same-day delivery?

Posted by: SP | Link to this comment | 12- 1-13 10:53 PM
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Google autocorrects it to "rotavator," which is either a soil cultivator or an orbital momentum exchange tether!

Posted by: torrey pine | Link to this comment | 12- 2-13 12:47 AM
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Well, yeah, it's a horse drawn piece of agricultural equipment.

Hence the anal staircase.

Posted by: Martin Wisse | Link to this comment | 12- 2-13 12:55 AM
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I was so *happy* when I got my local coffeeshop to play Coil (The Unreleased Themes to Hellraiser, not Horse Rotorvator or Gold is the Metal) for their Halloween music.

Posted by: snarkout | Link to this comment | 12- 2-13 7:29 AM
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My team in the lab pumpkin carving contest needed creepy music for our pumpkin installation, so I put on the Hellraiser Themes. I think maybe I overshot a little bit on the creepiness.

Posted by: Sifu Tweety | Link to this comment | 12- 2-13 7:31 AM
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You should've used my Halloween mix, Sifu.

Posted by: nosflow | Link to this comment | 12- 2-13 8:26 AM
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"Slur" is awesome. The rest of the album, and the catalogue, is hit-or-miss for me, but that track is really fucking great. "Who By Fire" is among the hits too.

Posted by: lurid keyaki | Link to this comment | 12- 2-13 10:01 AM
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I Die : You Die puts "The Anal Staircase" as their number one canonical industrial track ever of all time. I cannot argue with their position in this matter.

Posted by: Hamilton-Lovecraft | Link to this comment | 12- 3-13 2:55 PM
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This was great, thanks!

Posted by: lw | Link to this comment | 12- 4-13 10:45 AM
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