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Can't tell from the story, but one hopes an understanding judge gets these two yoots (think Joe Peschi) the help they need.

Posted by: Tripp | Link to this comment | 01-13-04 2:00 PM
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It's hard not to let my stereotypes of Deep-South justice take over.

Posted by: Bob | Link to this comment | 01-13-04 2:01 PM
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is intending to plan to commit a horrible crime now criminal?

seems that way, for about 2 months ago, again in LA, a man, from TX, was arrested for intention to have sex with a minor. It was a police setup, a male police officer went into chatrooms and "imitated" a 14 year old girl. The police maintained that the officer made no overtures, although he must have been acquiescent for the man to drive from Texas. Anyway, he showed up at an agreed-upon hotel room, with condoms the police say, and was promptly arrested. Either this case is still going through the courts, which seems likely, or I've missed the outcome, so I unfortunately cannot let you know whehter the courts accept this type of crime-busting.

Posted by: Michael | Link to this comment | 01-13-04 5:30 PM
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Well, the facts in both this case and the solicitation are somewhat unclear, and so its also not clear if the authorities are overstepping in either case. But one should keep in mind the following doctrines of criminal law:

1. One can be sent to jail for conspiring with someone else to commit a crime, as long as they take some action in furtherance of the conspiracy.

2. One can be sent to jail for attempting to commit a crime.

So depending on what exactly happened in these cases, I wouldn't be surprised if these boys could be charged with a crime under long standing doctrines of criminal law.

Posted by: unf | Link to this comment | 01-13-04 6:13 PM
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