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LizardBreath is a lawyer in New York. Don't ask for advice legal—you're not her client, and considering that her only clients these days are various arms of the Bureaucratic State, it'd be difficult and confusing for you to be one of them. She consoles herself for her position as a jackbooted minion (she did have to buy her own jackboots—the state doesn't provide them) of the oppressive powers of government by remembering that it keeps her two adorable children in pollo al carbon from the Dominican takeout place down the street.

She does not golf, although occasionally wonders if she'd be better off professionally if she did. Instead, she lifts weights and crochets Irish lace doilies.

She was raised by committed Irish-American liberal Democrats who taught her (1) to hate and despise the Kennedys for making us look bad, and (2) all the verses to 'Joe Hill'. She's kept the liberal Democrat bit, if you stretch that into advocating European-style social democracy. But she likes having conservatives around to argue with, and occasionally one of them has a point on something.


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