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Tia is a mild-mannered secretary by day, a hard-living student by night. She lives in New York City.

When people first meet Tia, their impressions tend to run along the following lines: "sweet," "wholesome," "innocent," "what are you, like, 16?" This is not what she projects on the blog.

She tries hard to be a good vegan (and when she isn't she sacrifices a carrot to the vegan gods), she enjoys yoga, she likes Broadway musicals, and she has extremely liberal sexual values, at least by American standards.

In other words, on the principle that an opposite changes the direction but not the magnitude of a value, somewhere there is a moustachio'd Tia who loves nothing better than to shoot sides of beef off of Budweiser cans with a 12 gauge shotgun from a moving Nas car, all while wearing a chastity belt and singing Lee Greenwood songs at the top of her lungs.

Tia would someday like to meet Moustachio'd Tia. She thinks she'd be kind of a kick.


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